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Y- Lab is a unique Art x Tech convergence product innovation lab, housed in one of the largest museums in Southeast Asia, having received 1.8 million visitors in 2018. As a collaborative project between the National Gallery Singapore and Redshift Capital Partners, Y-Lab provides organizations and entrepreneurs an opportunity to launch or testbed their Art x Tech product innovation through one of three ways:

  1. Enhancing a product with artistic input and applications to improve its functional and emotional experience  
  2. Taking art expressions one step further with complementary technology to deepen the artistic intent and experience  
  3. Testing or developing a product that may have twin applications in both within the arts and culture space (leveraging on the gallery's footfall and visitorship) but equally applicable in the other sectors due to its technical viability and use cases.

This could apply to:

The resulting innovation are not only viable for the gallery, but also the larger Art & Cultural sector in Singapore. Y-Lab seeks to be an innovation hub for start-ups, patrons, museum professionals, investors, culture sector talents and visitors alike to co-create the future of cultural production and consumption in Singapore and beyond.



Harnessing innovative tools to make art more accessible by presenting art in creative and immersive ways - thereby capturing the imagination of audiences.

Augmented $50 note

See local artworks on the back of Singapore’s $50 note come alive using augmented reality. Through the experience, users will gain a deeper understanding of the iconic artworks that are part of the National Collection.

360 Interactive Tour

This is the Gallery's first and only exhibition space dedicated to architecture. Its first exhibition, Listening to Architecture: The Gallery's Histories and Transformations, is a fusion of art and innovation where the public can rely on gesture-based navigation into two inaccessible spaces.


Transforming museum experiences to be seamless and hassle-free, as visitors embark on a journey guided by their preferences.

Gallery Explorer App

This digital guide of the Gallery features immersive, self-guided audio tours of long-term displays and special exhibitions for both adults and children.

It has incorporated image recognition through QR code scanning for visitors to explore different artworks, and a Raise To Listen feature that removes the need for headphones while preserving the silence in the gallery.

The Social Table

A multi-touch table measuring 8.5 by 1.35 metres at the DBS Singapore Gallery allows simultaneous viewing of artworks and exploration of artist connections with friends and family.

Visitors can composite their favourite artworks into an e-poster as personal mementos, which they can send to themselves and their loved ones.

Colors of Impressionism Chatbot

Developed for the special exhibitions Colors of Impressionism: Masterpieces from the Musee d'Orsay, the chatbot on Facebook Messenger prompts users to explore paintings from the exhibition even when they are not at the Gallery.

While always on the go, social media users can interact with the chatbot to get bite-sized information about the exhibition.


Seeking new efficiencies through innovations in AI and big data visualisation that allow staff to take on higher value, more enriching work.


An AI Sales Agent for Venue Rental Team and other business units, SalesWhale responds to email enquiries and filters prospects to improve productivity.


An AI Personal Assistant schedules meetings for all gallery staff, allowing staff to focus on more productive tasks.