Y-Lab Program Overview

Project teams are admitted by an Admission Board and the selection is often based on criteria listed below:

  • For admitted teams, Y-Lab would provide a complete ecosystem with partnerships ranging from investors, business accelerators, domain experts, professionals, research organizations and broader art community in Singapore.
  • At the end of the programme, Y-Lab project teams with suitable solutions may be invited to do a pilot implementation with specific business owners of the National Gallery Singapore as well as possibly other museums in Singapore.
  • Should a project require other resources from Y-Lab partners or stakeholders, separate arrangements can be worked out bilaterally (ie. Equity stake investments, revenue share, licensing arrangements, etc.)
  • Admission to the program is charged at no cost and equity-free, but is subject to a rigorous selection process.

Y-Lab Programme Participant Benefits:

  • Up to 6 months of showcase space, tapping into the visitor-ship footfall of the gallery
  • Y-Lab’s Exclusive Arts Immersion Programme to initiate team with the Arts and Culture sector
  • Limited hot-desking space at National Gallery Singapore
  • One year Gallery Membership for free access to exhibitions, as well as programmes and F&B discounts
  • $5,000 grant for product prototyping
  • AWS cloud credits worth USD5,000
  • Sentient.io AI microservices credit worth USD1,000
  • Access to a panel of mentors in both domains of Art and Technology
  • Portfolio Building: Develop credibility and legitimacy of the product, should it complete the pilot project with the Gallery and/or the broader museum sector and have that as one of the use cases that can be cited publicly

Admission / Selection Criteria:

  • Project teams may refer to start-ups or corporate teams.
  • The 2 most important acceptance criteria to Y-Lab:
    • The project has relevance for Y-Lab stakeholders, meaning it will help further the goals of the Art and Culture Sector and/or have significant commercial potential.
    • Y-Lab believes it has the right resources needed to help the project team achieve their articulated product/service goals during their time in the programme (e.g. advancing their product development milestones, conduct more usability testing, making their products more emotive to their end users, etc)
  • Generally, Y-Lab project applicants are expected to:
    • Have a team of at least 1-5 full time persons working on the project. Have a specific plan, goal and timeline to project completion prior to starting. Any attempt to alter the original plan must be approved by the admission board.
    • Complete their designated projects around 6 months on average (with the option for extension subject to mutual agreement).
    • Have a thought-out product or service concept. Maturity level may range from drawing board level to years of iteration to desired level of usability i.e. may be technically functioning but lacking in artistic/design elements to create rapid adoption.
    • Have a specific plan, goal and timeline to project completion prior to starting. Any attempt to alter the original plan must be approved by the admission board.
  • Applicants that don’t necessarily meet all the criteria above but have solutions that merit consideration are still welcome to apply.
  • To apply, please go to
  • For further queries, please contact Simon Siah at