Y-Lab Presents: The Art of A.I.

@ Y-Lab Online | 17 September 2021 2pm-5pm

Most of the algorithms we use today date back several decades. While discoveries in the 60s gave life to artificial neural networks, the proliferation of A.I. in practice has been accelerated by the growth of the internet and computing prowess only in recent years. Now "it" is now capable of generating deepfakes, artworks and even deciding who gets to see what. How can the arts and culture industry leverage A.I. effectively? What is the potential and limitations of A.I. in this area for institutions and individual artists alike? Come find out from our diverse panel of practitioners, creatives, entrepreneurs and technologists assembled.

If you are starting out or exploring this space, this is your opportunity to connect with like-minded folks and learn from the best! 😉


  • Intro to Y-Lab by Kevin, National Gallery of Singapore
  • A.I. in Arts and Culture by Alexandros Papaspyridis, Microsoft
  • A Museum Insider's Look at A.I. by Sebastian Chan, ACMI
  • How Humans and A.I. See Art by Kevin Quah, Tic Tag
  • Supercharging Storytelling With GPUs by John Gillooly, Nvidia
  • Lighted Timbers by Daryl Goh & Adrian Chua, Artists
  • Generative Gore by Jo Ho, Artist
  • Fictioning via A.I. & Generative Subjects by Anna Kim, Artist
  • Q&A with Panel

Note: The above agenda is subject to change.


Chen Enjiao (Ernie)
Project & Community Manager
Y-Lab @ National Gallery Singapore

Kevin Lim
Deputy Director, Digital Innovation and Transformation
National Gallery Singapore

Alexandros Papaspyridis
Director Higher Education, Education Industry, Public Sector Group, Asia Pacific Japan

Sebastian Chan
Chief Experience Officer

Kevin Quah
Tic Tag

John Gillooly
Technical Product Marketing Manager, Asia Pacific South

Daryl Goh & Adrian Chua

Jo Ho

Anna Kim
Korea Research Institute for Culture Technology

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